My artist name is Olga Minskaya (birth name Olga Manko). I was born in 1977 in Minsk, Byelorussia.When I was 6, I began to play cello and piano at the conservatory for Youth (SSMSh by BGK) in Minsk. After successful completion I entering at Gnessin Music Academy in Moskow. Then purposely continuing education I moving in Detmold, Germany, where I was studying by Karine Georgian by cello lessons at the Music Highschool. In this period of time I take participation in many festivals, tenders and masters classes (u.o. with G. Hofmann, M. Rostropovich, L. David), became grants and scholarships by different fund- and cultureorganizations. In result of different ensembles, as well as soloist with success served with concerts in Holland, Germany, Poland, England, Greece, France and in a different countries of Europe. In year of 2004 studying vocal with Gudrun Elpert-Resh, after two years writing musical compositions although leads my towards kind activity as writing music for movies. As a composer for the films I was working in a different filmstudios: Russian Kino, Avatar, Argus International, Music Boheme, RK-video Produktion, Mosfilm. Since 2008 I compose for the movies of the students of VGIK in Moskow (Russian State Institut of Cinematographie). Movies with my musical compositions received awards: Augenblick (Moment) - on Photokina videofun in 2006, Unter dem Zelt  (Circus Tent) as the best musical sound on the Internationales Frauen Filmfestival in Dortmund in 2007, The Chemist - the Worlds Best Work Award 2010 on New York Festival. From 2007 successfully was in episodic fields. In April 2009 and in april 2010 I was invited as a juror for the 14 and 15 International Filmfestivals for the Short Films in Gütersloh, Germany. Since april 2010 the member of German-Russian Filmakademie. At today I live in Germany and in Russia, give concerts and search possibilities to work for professional filmindustry.
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O.Minskaya (O. Manko)

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