Gutersloh - Isselhorst

6 October 2005
Gutersloh - Isselhorst

Over 100 lovers of music attended the varied concert on Sunday evening at the evangelic church in Isselhorst.
Young musician Olga Manko-Minskaya set herself up as a cellist and a vocalist. She presented the music of different generations, as well as music of her own, demostrating the portentous abilities of modern digital piano. Accompanying by Chihiro Masaki.
The varied programme was spiced up by sudden numerous changes of the musical periods. Whether she played music by Johann Sebastian Bach, Gabriel Faure or Alexander Glasunov, the audience could feel special warmth when Olga Minskaya was playing the cello, as if the vivid singing of the instrument was embracing them. Chihiro Masaki made a good accompanist, demonstrating certain restraint, which allowed the soloist to fully open out. However, Olga Minskaya controlled herself as a vocalist. Her full voice showed certain remoteness and it matched especially well with the modern version of the psalm by L. Graap. Performing Look at me by A. Dvorzhak, she, on the contrary, fully demonstrated her strong emotional voice.
As a diversified performer, Olga skillfully highlighted modern key points using digital piano.
She was singing to the programmed out of tune rhythmical clavecin, or was building dreaminess of fading tones of organ or was drifting away in Lady I Know to the sound of bells and dissonant chords - her professionalism was thrilling.
The audience was very pleased with the 90-minutes long peculiar concert and thanked both performers with prolonged applause.
Von Heike Sommerkamp


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