2006 Moment, dir. by R. Powik, Germany (short)

2007 Circus Tent, dir. by S. Sturmer, Germany (doc.)

2008 The Wall, dir. by E. Oprya (VGIK), Russia (short fiction)

2008 Still Life, dir. by A. Dmitrieva (VGIK), Bulgaria (short fiction)

2008 9 Signs of Faithlessness, dir. by A. Kananovich, Russia (fiction)

2008 Tear, dir. by Hai Feng Wang (VGIK), China (shot fiction)

2008 To Be In Moving, dir. by D. Clever, Germany (doc.)

2008 Detective Brothers, prod. A. Sivushov, Russia (TV serie)

2009 The Chemist, dir. by A. Barshak, Russia (8 parts fiction)

not finished Just Not Yet, dir. by R. Powik, Germany (fiction)

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